Database for public procurement

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About Doffin

Doffin is the Norwegian Web-based database for notices of public procurement and procurement in the utility sector (water and energy supply, transport, and telecommunications) that are subject to the European Union regulations.

The purpose of the base of the procurement notices is to:

  • Ensure competition and openness about business opportunities
  • To forward all procurement notices for the announcement in TED when this is necessary
  • Ensure the Control of procurement notices before publishing
  • To publish and distribute the procurement notices in a searchable format
  • Make relevant statistics in the public sector

Operator for Doffin is EUS Holdings Ltd (EU-Supply). The Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi) manages the DOFFIN on behalf of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and fisheries (NFD).

Terms and conditions for Contracting Authorities

Terms and conditions for Suppliers